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Manes was formed in Trondheim, Norway in 1992, and released three demotapes and the debut album Under Ein Blodraud Maane as a two-piece, with vocalist Sargatanas and Tor-Helge “Cernunnus” Skei handling all instruments. Since then, the music of Manes has gone through many stages of transformation up until today with a constant mantra of exploration and experimentation as a fundamental force.

Since the debut in 1999, Manes has since released 4 more studio albums, several EPs, singles, and various other releases, and has chosen to first and foremost focus on studio work and the creative aspects of music.

Despite being selective and eclectic regarding live apperances, Manes has played a few gigs and festivals up through the years, both in Norway and abroad, and appreciate the possibility to experiment also in a concert setting. So far, the band has shared a stage with bands like Katatonia, Danzig, Isis, Red Harvest, Arcturus, Year Of No Light, The Ocean and Ihsahn, and played festivals like Quart, Brutal Assault, Pstereo, Inferno, Dark Bombastic Evening, Blastfest and more.



  • Vilosophe, album, 2003
  • [view], ep, 2006
  • How the world came to an end, album, 2007
  • Deeprooted, single, 2007
  • Reinvention, ep, 2008
  • #418 – #403, comp, 2011
  • Teeth, toes and other trinkets, comp, 2014
  • Vntrve, single, 2014
  • Be all end all, album, 2014
  • Slow motion death sequence, album, 2018
  • Young skeleton, single, 2020
  • TBA


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