kode example plugins

source code on github..

on my machines they have been pretty stable for a while, and i have used them in a lot of ‘real life’ projects myself.. but there’s still things missing, and probably lots of bugs.. so, don’t trust them completely.. they’re more alpha than beta..

linux, 64bit, sse4, vst

[todo: more info]
fx_blur, fx_cabinet, fx_compciter, fx_curve_shaper, fx_dynamic, fx_event_horizon, fx_exciter, fx_exciter2, fx_filter_ms20, fx_gain, fx_gain_gui, fx_gain_gui_cairo, fx_hall_reverb, fx_hard_clipper, fx_hrtf, fx_large_room_reverb, fx_limiter,fx_reverseness, fx_saturation, fx_small_room_reverb, fx_sonic_enhancer, fx_sonic_maximizer, fx_tempo_delay, fx_tilteq, fx_transient, fx_transientkiller, test_gui


standalone executable (included in the plugins zip file), for testing the gui system..
animgif shows earlier version..


(temporary test/prototype)

earlier prototypes: