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TEMPORARY! will keep this until i have something new..

i have made plugins for more than 10 years, but the development have always been a bit messy, with no concrete official releases, or backups of binaries when i rewrote the library, but didn’t port the old plugin to the new library.. i just posted some stuff here and there.. but recently i was going through a bunch of backup directories and harddrives, and found a lot of the binary files.. so i have tried to collect as many as i could find, and sort them, and keep the newest one (probably the most stable and bug-free version)..

a bunch of these didn’t evolve beyond the prototype-stage, some are experiments that didn’t turn out too interesting, and most of them were made during my early plugin/dsp learning periods.. so they’re probably not very interesting for other people.. but if anybody finds any good uses of any of these, that’s cool!

i want to sort out the most promising ones, and make proper plugins out of them, with a nice gui, calibrated/scaled parameters, presets, etc, .. and i will also extract potential audio processing and dsp functionality out into separate classes, so i can use them in new plugins..

[ download ] (7.1 mb, linux, vst2, 64bit)

dssi_wrapper_64.dssi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ladspa_wrapper_64.ladspa,, lua_wrapper_64.lua,,,,,,,,,, tcc_wrapper_64.c,

and a bunch of old jesusonic scripts.. i haven’t tested them for a long time, but i think they should still work in reaper/reajs..

[ download ] (706 kb)

ana_goertzel, ana_haar, ana_impulse, ana_siggen, ana_sigview, ana_slope, ana_systemsync, ana_transient, ana_zerocrossing, _data_phonemes, data_phonemes, _dsf, fx_ambience, fx_blur, fx_bp, fx_cubeverb, fx_cutter, fx_dist1, fx_dist3, fx_dynamics, fx_ffdelay, fx_formant, fx_fracdelay, fx_freeze, fx_glitch, _fx_grains, fx_grains, fx_grains2, fx_haarmorph, fx_lfolong, fx_live, fx_mididelay, fx_moddelay, fx_pitch, fx_reverb, fx_sampler, fx_slicer, fx_squarify, fx_svf, fx_switcher, fx_tempodelay, fx_track, fx_wgtavg, gfx_math, gfx_raytracer, gmem_debug, gmem_fft, gmem_linear, gmem_noise, gmem_rw, gmem_view, ipc_receive, ipc_send, midi_automata, midi_bounce, midi_ccaudio, midi_fibonacci, midi_kill, midi_notefy, midi_notelen, midi_random, midi_rotator, midi_seq, midi_shiftcc, midi_syncdelay, misc_cputest, misc_ipc, _misc_life, misc_router, mod_clear, mod_copy, mod_env, mod_midinote, mod_mul, mod_noise, mod_osc, mod_out, mod_pd, syn_binauralbeats, _syn_drum, syn_drum, syn_formant, syn_kick, syn_lorenz, syn_noiseperc, syn_perc, syn_perc2, ___syn_perc3, syn_perc3, syn_perc4, syn_perc_bp, syn_perc_new1, syn_phoneme, _syn_phoneme1, syn_phoneme1, _syn_phoneme2, syn_phoneme2, syn_plucked, syn_poly, syn_poly2, _syn_reatalker, syn_reatalker, _syn_speech, syn_speech, syn_tb303, test_beatdetector, test_bignumbers, test_circle, test_const, test_env1, test_env2, test_env3, test_fibonacci, test_line, test_longlfo, test_math, _test_midi, test_midi1, _test_midisend_offset, test_optimize, test_physics, _test_radix, test_random, _test_rnd, _test_sinusoid, _test_sorting, test_sync, test_synthesis, util_router

some backup links: